Cooktop Repair

Cooktop Repair

Cooktop Repair

A stove is an essential kitchen appliance for your home or food business. It is at the core of every delicious meal enjoyed by family and friends. But, a broken stove takes away the happy meal and the returning customers.

At A&D Appliance, we offer professional same-day home and commercial stove repairs. We also provide inspections and periodic maintenance stove repair services to ensure you are not caught off guard on your important day.

Having a working range is imperative for safely cooking the delicious, healthy foods that you enjoy. While small appliances are great tools, there is only so much you can do without a range that works properly.

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Common Stove Problems We Fix:

  • It won't turn on

  • The electric stove's burner does not heat up.

  • You cannot adjust the heat of your burner.

  • The cooktop generates sparks when turned on.

  • Indicator lights on your stove won't turn on

  • Cooktops with damaged electric coils

  • The gas burner is heating slowly.

  • The stove igniter does not stop clicking.

  • The stove has weak and noisy flames.

  • Strange odors and inconsistent flames

Common Range Problems We Fix

Our range repair technicians are experienced at assessing, diagnosing, and repairing a host of common range problems. If you have any of these gas or electric problems, please schedule a range repair consultation.

A faulty range can be dangerous, and we want to make sure you're cooking without hassle or worry!

  • Nothing works or only works intermittently

  • Burners don't heat or work properly

  • The oven doesn't maintain a set or consistent temperature

  • The range surface won't turn on or off

  • Burners spark

  • Indicator light stays ON or doesn't come on at all

  • The control panel doesn't work properly

  • The stovetop is cracked

  • Broiler or convection features do not work correctly

  • Oven lights do not work

  • . . . any other problem!

Trusted Stove & Range Repair Technicians

Our friendly and responsive customer support is waiting to reply to your Stove & Range repair service request. Our Stove & Range repair technicians are highly qualified and committed to attending to every detail of your request and leaving you satisfied. They work fast and efficiently to get the job done right. Our Stove & Range repair services are very pocket-friendly. No hidden charges; you pay what we agree on, not a penny more!

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